My name is Evan Moss, I'm a Designer, Art Director and Illustrator living in Seattle, WA. I've been working in the bicycle industry for over 20 years, collaborating with brands like Raleigh, Diamondback, IZIP, Redline, Swift Industries, Batavus, Caloi, Lapierre, Ghost, Haibike, People For Bikes, Torker, Pryme, XLC, USABMX, WeThePeople, Macneil, Voler, SBS, Accell Group and Alta Cycling Group. Other brands I have collaborated with are Nokia, Nike, HP, United Way, Jeff Staple, Roark Apparel, Toad & Co Apparel, School Of Rock, Nintendo and Warner Music Group. 
I live and breathe design. I create visual concepts that test how products, communications, experiences and interfaces can work together. I can test multiple directions. This allows businesses to take risks they couldn’t imagine, because they can see tangible possibilities. That, is business prototyping though design. 
I enjoy biking around Seattle with the fam, hand drawn type on signs, sketching mini moments, travel photography, longboarding on Alki, SUP, records, DJing, analog synths, analog books, PNW hikes & snowboarding well into the spring.
Specialties: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Outdoor Brand Marketing, Bicycle Brand Marketing, Brand Strategy & Development, Packaging, Product Design, Apparel Design, Website Development, UX & UI Design, Web3 Tezos Design Dev, Lifestyle Marketing, Brand Collabs, Social Media Strategy, Color Forecasting, Custom Typefaces & Video Editing & Direction. 
Thanks for visiting, you can also find me on: 
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