The Brain Dump Helmet Show was a project I curated and produced. The idea was to get 22 artists to embelish, design and deconstruct a white bike helmet as the starting canvas. I partnered with the Design Commission Gallery in Seattle to host the show with Pryme Helmets signed on as the sponsor. The Design Commission developed a web voting system for patrons to select their favorite piece. The winning design was produced as a limited run helmet graphic. Above is the "Mustanchor" helmet I created. 
Artists include: Jared Nickerson, Jared Randall, Jason Cox, Darin Montgomery, Ben Malay, Samantha Malay, Luke Dokken, Luz Bratcher, Steve Rotika, Jim Koch, Evan Moss, Jeanie Newby, Jeff "Weirdo" Jacobs, Joanna-Abbott-Moss, Mark Bently, Josh McCurdy, Saingbey Woodtor, Candace Catskin, Matty Mitchell, Mike Capp and Justin Hillgrove.
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